Autonomos.AI’s NodeZero Awarded “Pentesting Solution of The Year” and “Platinum New Products of the Year-Pentesting” in 2023

Autonomos.AI’s ground-breaking NodeZero™ autonomous penetration testing solution has clinched two prestigious awards in 2023 – “Pentesting Solution of the Year” from CyberSecurity Breakthrough and “Platinum New Products of the Year-Pentesting” from Security Today. These accolades underscore NodeZero’s pivotal role in proactive vulnerability identification, validation, and defense fortification, setting a new standard in the cybersecurity landscape.

CyberSecurity Breakthrough, renowned for independent market intelligence, bestowed the “Pentesting Solution of the Year” award in acknowledgment of NodeZero’s unparalleled capabilities and Autonomos.AI’s commitment to innovation. Meanwhile, the Security Today New Product of the Year Awards granted NodeZero the Platinum Award for Pentesting, recognizing its transformative impact on digital security.

NodeZero operates as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, continuously assessing an enterprise’s attack surface. Its standout features include the prioritization of vulnerabilities based on exploitability, mapping attack paths, and providing clear evidence of successful exploitation. This user-friendly platform addresses critical cybersecurity challenges, empowering professionals to conduct efficient penetration tests and mitigate vulnerabilities effectively.

Snehal Antani, Founder and CEO of Horizon3.AI, praised NodeZero’s role in reducing vulnerable attack surfaces, emphasizing its significance in addressing the pressing issues faced by Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Patrick Schoutens, CTO of Autonomos.AI, highlighted the integration of AI and ML into autonomous pentesting as a revolutionary advancement in cybersecurity, positioning tools like NodeZero as dynamic defense mechanisms against evolving cyber threats.

The CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards aim to celebrate excellence and innovation across various information security categories, including Cloud Security, Threat Detection, Risk Management, Fraud Prevention, Mobile Security, and Email Security. This year’s program witnessed an overwhelming response, with thousands of nominations from over 20 countries worldwide.

NodeZero has consistently garnered recognition, having previously received esteemed honours such as the SC Awards, Cloud Security Innovation, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, TMC Cloud Security Excellence Awards, among others. Its widespread acknowledgment by channel partners and MSSPs underscores its impact within the cybersecurity landscape.

About Autonomos.AI: Founded in 2019 by industry and U.S. National Security veterans, Autonomos.AI is committed to empowering organizations by offering proactive cybersecurity solutions that bolster security measures, anticipate cyber threats, and ensure preparedness to respond to real cyberattacks. For a first-hand experience of the results-driven NodeZero platform, visit Autonomos.AI’s website and explore the free trial offer. Stay updated with the latest developments by following Autonomos.AI on LinkedIn, YouTube, and X.

About NodeZero: NodeZero™ delivers continuous autonomous penetration testing as at true SaaS offering. Red Teams leverage NodeZero to conduct large-scale infrastructure pentesting, allowing humans to act with precision. Blue Teams rely on NodeZero for proactive infrastructure fortification, while Security Operations Centers (SOCs) utilize it as a collaborative tool to refine security tools. NodeZero is designed to execute safely on production systems, fostering a Purple Team culture where Red and Blue Teams collaborate to address critical security concerns.