Who uses NodeZero?


…proactively fixes security issues within their infrastructure


…uses NodeZero as a sparring partner to tune their security tools

Security Teams

…respond immediately to n-day crises


…use NodeZero to attack at-scale so humans can be scalpels

Large Organizations

…assess and reduce supply-chain and subsidiary risks

MSSPs and MSPs

…can run assessments, tune their services, and provide strategic insights

NodeZero is NOT  for you if…

  • You think that one pentest a year is sufficient
  • You believe that cyber-attacks only target others
  • Compliance does not concern you

NodeZero IS for those who think differently…


Those who prioritize and understand the value of a fortified digital fortress

NodeZero is tailored for entities that deeply care about securing their computing landscapes from networks to the cloud.


It is crafted for leaders-level execs, and CIOs who desire not just reports, but insights and analytics to continuously improve their cybersecurity measures.


It is ideal for organizations that cannot afford to overlook compliance be it for insurance or mandates like ISO 27001, NIST, or GDPR.

Are pro-active

For those who understand that it is always better to be proactive rather than picking up the pieces post cyber-attack and/or ransom, NodeZero could be an indispensable ally.