Why Autonomos.AI?

Autonomos.AI is an Authorized Certified Distributor & Reseller of NodeZero™ for Horizon3.AI


Developed by the best to be an industry disruptor

The original founders, Snehal Antani and Anthony Pillitiere, and pedigree of this system stem from an unbeatable and unprecedented combined skill set from US Special Operations, US National Security, US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), US Joint Communications Unit (JCU), Splunk and other cyber security industry veterans.


Together, our mission is to invert the standard defensive process by using the attacker’s perspective to assist companies, enterprise organizations and governments to prioritise and enable pro-active efforts based on a Zero Trust approach that keeps systems and information safe and secure.


We deliver Autonomos threat detection as a service enabling you to run  penetration tests to find, fix, and verify the security weaknesses identified BEFORE attackers can exploit. No agents to install, no code to write , no programmes to run and no consultants to hire.


  • No external personnel or agents required.
  • Safe to run in production
  • Verify effectiveness of security tools
  • Verify that security fixes have actually solved the threat
  • Through regular reporting show the improvement of your security profile
Continuous and unlimited

  • No need to pay for repeated multiple tests
  • Unlimited deployments continuously as often as you want
  • Receive detailed reports – so you know what is being done
  • Ensures resources are spent fixing the right problems every time
Complete Detection

Internal – external – offense and defence – on premise or cloud covered from all aspects.


An autonomous solution that

  • Provides risk assessment
  • Complete vulnerability pathways
  • Proof of Threat
  • How to fix
  • Verification of Fix

Within one integrated algorithm that will continuously learn and protect your system and information

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If you want to have the best security and protection available developed by the world’s top hackers determined on disrupting an industry and keeping information safe and attackers at bay.

    Autonomos is an Authorized and Certified Partner and Distributor of Horizon3.ai and NodeZero™

    Horizon.ai and NodeZero™ are registered and copyrighted trademarks of Horizon3.ai all copyrighted information is used with permission.