How does NodeZero work?


NodeZero™ is Activated

NodeZero is not a BAS simulation. It is far better.


It is not theoretical. NodeZero acts as if an attacker just landed on a host.  NodeZero offers command scripts and action logs, attack vectors with screenshots from terminal and industry standard fix actions with no prior knowledge, credentials or agent installation required.


Running autonomously from an adversary’s perspective to fuel its decision making engine.


Traditional BAS options require users to develop and maintain custom attack scripts and run books that can be repeatedly executed to test specific parts of your landscape.  NodeZero is different. It requires No Scripts. Attacks adjust to each environment.


NodeZero executes techniques and a suite of attack tools used by skilled, malicious actors to gain access to sensitive data by relying on what’s exploitable rather than the latest CVE’s.


This Automation is based on testing what you already know.  NodeZero does not just do what it’s told, it finds what you do not know. 


NodeZero’s autonomous and adaptive learning methods allow it to also harvest crack and or reuse credentials to elevate access.


NodeZero™ tells you what has been found, the risk assessment, what it effects, and the proof letting you know what is Urgent to fix. Providing detailed reports that prfioritize matters, letting It teams focus on real vulnerabilities rather than false positives or low risk items.


NodeZero’s detailed path diagrams show you how NodeZero chains together vulnerabilities, harvested credentials, misconfigurations and dangerous product defaults into attack vectors that lead to critical impacts, showing exactly how an attacker can compromise your system.


No need to trust what anyone says. No false positives. Proof of exploitation in detail so you can see the attack path. Showing exactly what was found, how, and the fix.  Detailed reports that show your security landscape being protected.


Know what is Wrong and What it Effects

  • Vulnerability Description
  • The Impact is has
  • Severity
  • Affected Services
  • Proof
  • How to Fix


Credentials = Access = Passwords = Control

See exactly how vulnerable the Administration’s access to your company’s data is and how to fix it.



Recommendations for what you should be doing to decrease vulnerabilities exposed. With each point having a detailed drill down as to what is wrong with references and how to fix. Based on Pro-active defense.



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