NodeZero™ provides continuous autonomous penetration testing as a true SaaS offering. With NodeZero, cybersecurity teams proactively find and fix internal and external attack vectors before attackers can exploit them.


Autonomos pentesting enables organizations to see themselves through the eyes of the attacker. With the attackers’ perspective, enterprises can continuously, identify their ineffective security controls and identify critical, exploitable weaknesses that they must immediately fix.


NodeZero offers user-friendly functionality, production- ready safety, and scalability to accommodate even the most extensive networks, enabling comprehensive testing and concurrent operations.

Continuously find, fix, and verify your exploitable attack surface

The NodeZeroTM platform empowers you to reduce your security risk and continuously improve your security posture.

Autonomously reveals proven attack paths in your network

Shows you how these weaknesses impact your organization

Prioritizes and details the fixes you should make immediately fix actions based on risk and effort.

Enables quick and ongoing verification that your fixes are effective

NodeZero allows you too:

Improve Security

Continuous View of the Attacker’s Perspective

NodeZero empowers your enterprise to proactively secure against the persistent and novel approaches attackers use to penetrate your organization.

Targeted Response to New Zero Day and N-Day Threats

With intelligence from a world-class attack team, NodeZero provides exploits for zero day and n-day vulnerabilities as they emerge, allowing your organization to test whether you are impacted and proactively secure against them.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Cyber Security
Integrated Workflow

NodeZero can be integrated with existing tools like Splunk, CrowdStrike, KnowBe4, FlexTrac, SOAR platforms, ServiceNow, and Jira, reducing the time your team spends on manual correlation and reporting.

Real-Time Reporting

The platform provides real-time insights and reports with weaknesses and impacts prioritized for you, enabling your security team to take immediate action.

Make Better Decisions

Trend Analysis

NodeZero empowers your enterprise to proactively secure against the persistent and novel approaches attackers use to penetrate your organization.

Data-Driven Insights

NodeZero delivers comprehensive, quantifiable security metrics, enabling CISOs and CIOs to make more informed decisions about security investments and policies.

Reduce Operations Costs

Autonomous Penetration Testing

Traditional penetration testing services are often labor-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming. NodeZero can conduct unlimited tests round the clock, with faster delivery, broader coverage, higher accuracy and better value for money.

Earlier Remediation

NodeZero identifies security weaknesses earlier in their lifecycle, making them less expensive and less complicated to remediate.

Experts Not Required

The automation and integration provided by NodeZero reduces the need for additional specialized personnel, resulting in substantial savings and better effectiveness given the skills shortage.

Maintaining Compliance

Continuous assessment of your security posture with NodeZero helps you maintain and demonstrate compliance with numerous regulatory requirements, potentially preventing costly fines and reputational damage for non-compliance.

Why use NodeZero?

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NodeZero will help you focus on fixing problems that can actually be exploited, saving you and your team from chasing down unexploitable vulnerabilities and false positives.


You can assess your entire organization in a matter of hours, versus waiting weeks or months for consultants to manually run scans and produce reports.


Using our solution YOU configure the scope and attack parameters to conduct benign exploitation of your network. You own your pentest from start to finish.


access and gain insight to your entire network – this includes external, internal, on premises, remote, IoT, and cloud.


With NodeZero, you can assess your entire network from the attacker’s point of view, not just a sample. Our algorithm fingerprints your external, on-prem, IoT, identity, and cloud attack surfaces.

Low Effort

No persistent agents. No provisioned credentials. No attack scripts to write. You’ll be up and running in minutes with results in hours.


  1. Identify internal and external attack vectors that lead to :
    • Sensitive data exposure
    • Critical Systems disruption
    • Ransomware Risk
    • Other critical Impacts
  2. Verify the effectiveness of your security tools, processes and controls
  3. Prioritize vulnerabilities and fix actions based on risk and effort
  4. Verify remediation
  5. Report Security posture and improvements




Exploitable problems within your network.


The problems that matter most.


The problems that have been resolved

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