NodeZero Testdrive


Example of a NodeZero Testdrive

NodeZero – Autonomous Pentesting as a Service (APTaaS) 


The Future of Cyber Security has Arrived

NodeZero provides a full picture of:

  1. The vulnerable points
  2. Impact and effect
  3. Severity Risk rating
  4. Cause of vulnerability
  5. Exploitation Pathway
  6. Detailed description of the weakness or breach
  7. How it occurred
  8. Proof of Action
  9. How to fix it – it provides the patch!

NodeZero™ is activated




Here you see a high level list of IMPACTS  – Each of these then opens to further define the Impact and its Severity

Select an Impact and it drills down to show the path of that Impact

Each of these boxes can be selected to show in greater detail the impact and cause

Here the Impact is broken down into further detail   — this then goes further with the Path being an active link that drills down further.

Here the WEAKNESSES are Summarized

This leads further to a detailed listing of the Weaknesses or Vulnerabilities with an indicated Severity rating letting you know which are critical

Selecting the Weakness then takes you to further detail as to :


Exactly WHAT the Weakness is  —

Its Severity


Affected Services

How to Fix

Related Credential

PROOF of the Weakness   —   as this is not about Trust – But Verifying

This shows the proof of the vulnerability.

Credential –   this shows the process that the Attacker would use to hack Administrative Privileges – Passwords and Access – how a Hacker would essentially take over

Each of the squares represents a step in the process – each of these are active and when opened drill down further

Below is the proof of the action.

Remediation   – NodeZero provides the “ fix  “ and the “ patch “  so you do not have to go looking for this. Saves time and allows a faster remediation period.  With its agile machin elarning, it will verify that this was indeed fixed next time run.

Find. Fix. Verify.

The above is ONLY one sequence of one vulnerability of the 130 that were detected.


Now that you know what is wrong and How to fix it, you are on your way to being Secure.


Your unlimited subscription allows you to continue running NodeZero to continuously validate your security posture.


Find and Fix what matters and Verify with ease.

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