Case Study: International Airport

With over 1,700 IP addresses on the corporate side and fluctuating numbers of visitors moving through every day, Canada’s 15th busiest international airport needed to protect its data.

As soon as NodeZero was implemented there were indications where workstations could connect if they wanted with other segments showing the potential leakages.

NodeZero helped prioritize what equipment or systems needed to be upgraded or replaced. This was helpful in finding locations that didn’t need servers running on them.

There was only one person in the organisation focused on cybersecurity. Doing more with fewer resources, faster and more efficiently – NodeZero was a great help in the daily workflow.

Had hackers targeted the vulnerable hosts, they could have quickly created their own credentials and gained access to every system in the organisation.

“It doesn’t take a long time, and there’s an ease of running tests and reviewing to determine what may need to be changed”, Airport Client

Airport Cyber attack“It shows the proof and methodology for anyone who wants to dig into more details to find how the product did what it did to get those results.”.

NodeZero’s context scoring allows users to see the context and provides criticality or prioritization based on the context is an important benefit.

No credentials are needed to run NodeZero so there is no concern that your details will be exposed as this is also run autonomously.

If you would like to see how NodeZero works with your organisation, contact us today and our CTO will perform a test drive for your business.