Case Study: Public University

A public university in Victoria, British Columbia is constantly looking for ways to improve their overall cybersecurity posture – they started using NodeZero’s autonomous pentesting capabilities to keep their students, faculty & data safe.


University Cyber Security

A while back, the organization ran into a situation where there were an abundance of minor account compromises that cumulatively turned into a hassle for everyone involved.

The university wanted to do some penetration testing. NodeZero was run on their systems. The flexibility and the find, fix, verify loop really impressed the client during the initial test.

NodeZero was helpful in addressing the common struggles associated with credentials hygiene and patching.

NodeZero was able to help with vulnerabilities that were consistently getting flagged as weaknesses in scans.

“Those vulnerabilities became a pivot point – we now have proof that there’s a vulnerability, here’s what happens when it exists, now let’s fix it.” Security Specialist.


It helps minimize push back and enabled him to offer proof to higher-ups. By reporting on vulnerabilities or other cybersecurity issues so that everyone in a leadership role is seeing it at the same time everyone know what needs to be fixed.

“NodeZero shows where problems are and provides guidance on what we need to fix it. The ability to do multiple pentests is a huge benefit.”

This was the difference from traditional pentesting options, where it would cost thousands and take weeks, if not months, to bring a team in to test and assess every time.

Cyber Security University

“Setting up an op is simple. It’s so easy and it not only tells me what’s broken but how to fix it. It shows the attack chain, how it got in, and how to fix it.”

No credentials are needed to run NodeZero so there is no concern that your details will be exposed as this is also run autonomously.

If you would like to see how NodeZero works with your organisation, contact us today and our CTO will perform a test drive for your business.