NodeZero Cost Savings

The traditional challenges associated with manual penetration testing, including time and cost constraints, hinder organizations from conducting comprehensive and frequent assessments of their networks. To address these limitations and enhance overall security, organizations require a solution that provides continuous autonomous penetration testing, identifies vulnerabilities and attack paths, delivers remediation guidance, and ensures the effectiveness of fixes.

NodeZero is a SaaS platform designed to meet these needs, enabling cybersecurity teams to proactively discover and address both internal and external attack vectors. By automating scanning and testing processes, NodeZero enhances security operations productivity, allowing teams to focus on genuine threats and swiftly remediate vulnerabilities. The platform reduces reliance on costly third-party penetration tests, offering potential cost savings that can be redirected to other security initiatives. Moreover, it helps optimize vulnerability scanner costs by providing insights that enhance the efficiency of existing security tools.

Quantified benefits of NodeZero include:

Improved Security Operations Productivity: Automation reduces the time spent on false positives, enabling security teams to concentrate on critical threats. Frequent testing facilitates swift identification and remediation of vulnerabilities, preventing incidents and saving response and recovery time.

Cost Savings on Third-Party Penetration Tests: NodeZero can partially or fully replace external penetration tests, resulting in cost savings that can be reinvested in other security initiatives. The platform can scale the number of tests at no additional cost, providing continuous real-time insights.

Reduced Vulnerability Scanner Costs: By fine-tuning existing security tools and infrastructure, NodeZero helps organizations optimize the efficiency of legacy vulnerability scanners, reducing the workload for security teams.

Unquantified benefits include:

Continuous Verification of Security Posture: NodeZero ensures ongoing confirmation of remediation effectiveness, strengthening the organization’s security posture.

Time Savings for Remediation Guidance: Swift identification and guidance on remediation contribute to time savings for security teams.

Sensitive Data Exposure Prevention: NodeZero helps identify and mitigate sensitive data exposure, reducing the risk of breaches.

Streamlined Reporting for Customers: The platform facilitates the accurate communication of security posture to customers through streamlined reporting.

Accelerated Vendor Risk Assessment: NodeZero streamlines the assessment of vendor security risks.

Enhanced Security Testing for Mergers and Acquisitions: The platform contributes to improved security testing and remediation processes during mergers and acquisitions.

Strong Vendor Partnership and Support: Autonomos.AI provides a strong vendor partnership and support to enhance the overall user experience.

NodeZero operates on a subscription fee model based on the number of internet protocols (IPs) an organization chooses to test. Volume discounts are applied based on the IP quantity, and the platform boasts minimal implementation and setup time, allowing new tests to be configured in minutes.


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